Altered Photos Canvas

I had this tutorial printed out for a while and had been wanting to attempt it.  I finally got around to it! 🙂  The photos are taken by Ma Di, my mom’s partner when they both went to Providencetown, Mass and NYC, New York.  I had copies of Ma Di’s photos on my laptop and I chose those 4 as the photos to do.

Supplies you’d need are 4 – 8 x 10 canvas (I found them in the craft section at walmart), Black Acrylic paint (or your choice of colors), 1 patterned paper, your choice of ribbon, staple gun and mod podge!  The tutorial is { HERE }. It has all the supply list that you will need to get this made.  I had the sides created with Perfect Day level 2 paper packet (the pink damask).    Anyway, I wanted to get this posted for you to see.  Mom and MaDi loves it!


  1. Cool idea, they look really great!

  2. That is so cool!!! I love it!! Thanks for sharing the link.

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