Altered Window Frame

I just realized earlier this morning that I had NEVER posted those two pictures on the blog but I had posted then on Facebook!  Oops!Here’s a little story to this post: When we were remodeling our old house. We were having all of the windows replaced and while our contractor, Brian was ripping them out. I had yelled out that I wanted to save one of the panel window. I remember getting the looks from my husband, Jeff and Brian.  I said I have an idea what I want to do with that window – just be patience with me! That was in August of 2010.  Fast forward to July of 2011 – we had sold our house in 38 days and we were moving. We were clearing out the final little things before we turned the keys over to the new owners.  I had spotted that they left the window and the original kitchen door in the garage. Naturally, I yelled out – wait, don’t forget the window and the door!  Jeff was grumbling about it, LOL!  I already KNEW what I wanted to do with them – but how to do it – was something else, I wasn’t sure.  I started working on the window frame end of August 2011.  Here’s the before and after pictures.  Now, I think I can say that it was all WORTH the hassles and looks I’ve  gotten. 😀

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  1. I think that is a neat idea. I wish we had something like that from the house we established our family in.

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