Benefits of becoming a CTMH Consultant

Have you wondered what the benefits of becoming a CTMH Consultant?  I LOVE being Consultant for CTMH!!

There are quite several benefits!! First of all; you will be under me as your upline; but we are part of a FABULOUS team called Damask Divas who is run by Mandy Leahy! The team is AWESOME!

Here are the benefits:

*Active Status: 22% discount/commission on all commissonable products
*$300 minimum every quarter (3 months) If you break it down, it is right around $100 a month along with your 20%
*You would be placed in consultant search online and allowed to recruit to build your team.
*You will have your OBA (Online Business Website)
*You will have access to consultant forum board
*You can earn Selected Product Credits (SPC) basing on your sales after you hit $150 each month. Can even earn MORE!!
*Your commission can be anywhere from 22%-35%, depending on your monthly sales!
*You will be able to preview AND pre-order new products up to a month prior to its released date
*You can earn incentives such to cruises!!

Want to see what the Consultant Kit includes?  Click {HERE}

If you have any questions or am on the fence about becoming CTMH Consultant. I will be happy to do online chat or over the phone (VP).  Contact me and we can set up a time/date!

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