BRRRR!! at 7:30 am this morning it was 4°F Feels Like -14°F.  I had to get some gas for my van and in 15 minutes span it only gave me $6.00 worth of gas!! I was practically on E and it didn’t really make any difference and I was like the hell with it. I’ll wait until this afternoon when it’ll get up to the 20’s then I’ll get the gas. Sheesh….


  1. Hey Jen! this is so funny. I did exactly the same thing. I made it to about $30 and had to get back in the car. It was Thursday morning and I hit the button in my car to check the temp outstide. 5 Degrees! BRRRRR! Today is going to be so much nicer.

  2. I am so ready for spring. It has been super cold this winter.

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