Crop Night Details

** RSVP is GREATLY APPRECIATED due to limited space!! ** 

Please RSVP soon as possible as spaces are limited to 16. I already have tables set up for 12, but if there’s more than 12; I would need to know the DAY BEFORE so I can have enough time to get the extra tables and chairs out of storage.  This fill up somewhat quickly some months.

Crop times have been changed to Noon to Midnight.  There are some times where it will go past midnight. It just depends on how tired I am by then.

Come on over and let’s work on some projects!! It doesn’t have to be paper-crafting! It can be ANYTHING that you’re working on!!

There are tons of supplies that you can use – punchers, diecuts, cricuts, inkpads and some papers. I do have mono adhesive refills for $1.50 a piece.

We all chip in on dinner/snacks/desserts and drinks. Please check in at least 3-5 days BEFORE crop night so everyone can be aware what is being brought in so there is no duplicates of everything. We like to have our list finalized 2 days before so we all would have time to prepare and get those items that is needed to bring in. THANK YOU!

Edited 1/15/15  – we do have people with gluten allergies and diabetic so if it is possible to keep those in mind to have some low/no sugar food and gluten free food.    When there are gluten free food provided – those CAN NOT be cross-contaminated (mixed) with the regular food.  SO we will need to be extremely careful while spooning/picking things out of those bowls.

** Also the croppers have voted to chip in $5 every month to help cover the kitchen supplies such as trash bag, paper plates, plastic cups and plastic wares** 

As always – I will provide unsweetened and sweetened tea. Once in a while, I will have some sodas (Classic Coke) and bottled water.

FYI – the studio is in the basement and it does get chilly time to time so be sure to bring a sweatshirt or a light jacket.

Also, I have 3 dogs, but no cats.

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