Crop Night Details *updated 2/28/17*

Updated as of 2/28/17

**Highlighted are the recently added**

** RSVP is REQUIRED due to limited space!! ** As I only have spaces for 11 croppers and we get full very quickly!  If you see FULL before the Month name; that means we’re full. Sorry!

FEE:  varies month to month.

TIME: 12 pm to 12 am (sometime we go past, but sometime we end early due to my family plans.)

Please bring your own projects to work on. It doesn’t have to be paper-crafting projects. If you knit, paint or sew… It can be ANYTHING that you’re working on!!

Supplies: Those following supplies you can use for FREE are: miscellaneous tools, punchers, diecuts, Cricut/silhouette, inkpads, markers and stamp sets.  Please return them where you got them from. Thank you.

Mono adhesive refills for $1.75 apiece. (Or 6 for $10.50)

Due to some changes; I need to start charging for all paper.

First five sheets of cardstock are free, and all additional cardstock will be .75 cents a sheet.

CURRENT patterned paper – $1.00 a sheet.

RETIRED patterned paper – .50 cents a sheet.

Snack/Dinner/Drinks: We chip in on dinner plans. When you RSVP, we really need to know what you’re planning on to bring so there is not too much of one thing. We need to know no later than WEDNESDAY so have some time to purchase the food. YOU are responsible for checking the food list, so please check the event list for food. PLEASE DO NOT BRING THE SAME DISHES!

GLUTEN FREE/SUGAR FREE: We have some croppers that needs sugar free and gluten free products. Please think of them too.

Drinks: I have bottled waters on hand, but once in a while I’ll have sodas (Coke/Mt. Dew or Dr. Pepper) on hands.

**When you’re done for the night, please help out by cleaning up the dinner mess, your table spot and empty the small trash cans into the large trash can. **

FYI – The studio is in the basement and it does get chilly time to time so be sure to bring a sweatshirt or a light jacket. Also, I have 2 dogs. They both are boxers (3 years old and 1 years old and they are HYPER – you’ve been warned.)

Thank you and let’s have some fun!!!

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