Family Command Center

A few months ago I came across a pinterest image that said family command center. It really piqued my attention.  I checked into it and saw that it would really benefit our family so I set out to make one that will work for us.  Given that there are 5 of us and we also take care of husband’s 89 years old grandmother.  Here’s the very first one; I’m thinking this was back over beginning of the summer – I didn’t have the shelf in this one at that time. I took this picture before I switched to the new setting.

Here’s the before and after:  I had moved to the new area because the original one was NOT working out for me. It was small area and any papers that were sitting on the countertop would get wet.  However, it was just enough to get by until I could find something that would work better for me.  Until one night when I was laying in bed with a racing mind; had a brilliant idea. So, I set out in motion to work on the new area and got it all set up. Now I can say I LOVE it!!!  The only thing that is missing is a hanging light. I haven’t been able to find the one that I LIKE.  With due time, I will! 🙂

OLD family command center


New area!!

NEW family command center

Supplies I used are from Office Max Infuse Dry Eraser Calendar (online says 80.99 but I got mine at $64.99 in the store), Cork Panel (9 x 24″) $18.99, Mesh Wall Folder Holder $12.99 each, Magnetic Squares for Calendar dates (1 x 1 ) $5.99, Dry erasers marker sets ( I needed more than 6 colors to “color-code” each family members), File folder of your choices.   Again, all of those supplies were purchased at Office Max.

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