Farewell 2011!!

Farewell 2011!
I can say that I can’t believe that 2011 is almost out of the door. The year of 2011 was a very emotional roller coaster for my family.  It had started the year off with 4 deaths in the family all within 2 weeks time frame. It was a very rough month for the whole family.
As some of you know that we had started remodeling our previous home in August of 2010.  Then we took a break for Thanksgiving through Christmas 2010 to enjoy the holidays.  We started the remodeling projects again in February of 2011 and we worked non-stop from February to the end of April to prepare the house ready for the market. We lived there for 12 years and simply had outgrown the spaces the house provided, which was 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and it was only 1,400 sq ft. Although we had a bedroom in the basement, but the city doesn’t count that as a bedroom legally.  Raising 3 boys and having 2 dogs, wasn’t just cutting it out for us anymore. So we got the house on the market in May of 2011 and the boys decided they wanted to play baseball. Between all the open houses, baseball practices and games we managed to hit the jackpot on 38th day of being on the market! On June 11, 2011 we had recieved a contract on our previous home.  Meanwhile, the same day we put down a contract on our new home which has 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a full size basement.  It is bigger in sq ft than the old house. We moved into our new home on July 1st. We *LOVE* it here!!  During our move, it was one of those hottest weekend. The summer proceeded to be over 100 degree for several weeks, which made the baseball games and football practices unbearable for all of us.
By the end of July, two of our sons joined the football team for the new schools and that kept us even more busier in between unpacking, taking them to practices and going to the games.  School started up – the kids do really enjoy their new schools. They are doing really great in school!  In September, two of our sons decided to join soccer teams. One of them was still actively playing football. So here, entire month of September and October, we were running to football practicesgames and soccer practicesgames.  We wouldn’t trade this for anything in this world. Seeing our sons enjoying sports, new schools and new home is priceless.  October rolled around, football and soccer ended and things started to settle down quickly for our family to where we can kick back at home and relax.  (Edited to add: November came around – Duncan decided to take on a dare and swallowed a quarter! Needless to say that it ended in a couple trips over to Cardinal Glennon Hospital to keep track of this quarter. At this point, he still hasn’t passed it.  People ask him all the time “Got a quarter?”.   Looking back, it was scary at first, but now it’s kinda funny. I have asked him a couple times if he would pull that again?  He replies “No!”.) Cold weather kicked in and we are home more often now.  We are just relaxing and enjoying being home.  We spent our first Christmas morning here and it was just SO nice! We are looking forward to ringing into 2012 here.
Along with all of the roller coasters that our family went through, there was no time for us to hang out with our friends or extended family between everything that happened this year.  Also, my scrapbooking hobby and business was put on the back burner. I have no complaints about that at all because I know my one little word “determination” (see Ali Edwards’s One Little Word 2011) had really paid off for our family this year. I was SO determined to get the old house sold and moved before our oldest son start high school. Yet here we are, a year earlier than planned!  Seeing our children being happy here and everyone’s contented is really priceless for my husband and me.  It’s amazing that 2011 really flew by for us, mainly because we were SO busy this year.   I am welcoming 2012 with a big open arms because there’s so many projects I am looking forward to doing.  Some of them are related to the house, some to scrapbooking and few are to my personal life.  
I am looking forward to all the new changes and learn to grow with them.   So my new word for 2012 One Little Word will be “Change”. The last 2 years we’ve gone through so much changes and I know there will be more coming so I’m embracing 2012 as the year for the CHANGE.

If you have read this far, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so patient with me this year with my lack of scrapbooking artworks and posts.  I am looking forward to more of those in 2012. 
Happy New Year 2012 to you all and I hope that this find you in good health and everyone is well.  

*See Ali Edwards One Little Word 2012*

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