How I create my kits?

I got asked the other day about how I create my kits without really cutting and losing papers? The answer is Personal Design Base template with transparency film! ūüôā I had discovered this tip by one of the scrapbooker about 8 years ago? I don’t remember who it belong so I am not able to give the credits where it should. ¬†If you know who this belongs to; please let me know so I can credit her properly. Thank you. ¬†I LOVED the idea! I have the document on sizing to cut it for, but there’s some sizes that I didn’t bother with because it’s probably something I will not use. ¬†However, it is awesome tip because you can use different sizing to act like paper, pop up embellishments OR photos! ¬†Here’s an example of what I’m doing for July’s Kit of the Month (coming soon!).

IMG_1501I stored all of them in old SU stamp sets, the bigger ones – I just store them in gallon zip-lock bag (but it doesn’t exactly works well but it’s do-able).

You can buy the¬†Transparency Film at any office store such as Office Max or Office Depot. ¬†They’re not exactly cheap since there’s a lot on the list to cut for. ¬†I think I paid around $25 ish for 100 sheets and it has been WORTH it. ¬†I think I used two boxes for majority of the sizing. ¬†For the bigger than 11″ – I had a website where you could get 24″ x 24″ film; however that was on the old laptop when it crashed and I lost the links in the process. I will keep looking because I need to replace one of them.

I hope this will help you with your creative ideas!

*edited to add file for the document of the personal design base.  Click {HERE}

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