I ‘ m admitting..

I am hoarder!!  In the last 7 years, between two companies and the LSS, I've build up a HUGE stash and I rarely use it!  I was with Stampin' Up! for 5 years and switched to another company, Close to my Heart just little under a year ago.  I had a year off between two companies just to chill out.   Today, my mom, Di and Jeff took the boys to see Ice Age 3 and I was in the studio, planning on doing some scrapbooking.  Only that, I haven't even TRIED to do anything yet – I feel overwhelemed with all the stuff I have. It is all mixture of Stampin' Up, Close to my Heart, The Angel Company and the LSS supplies.   I feel LOST!! I don't even know what or where to begin with!  *sigh*  I'm lucky that I take a lot of pictures every month of my children and whenever there's an event. 

Anyone have suggestion where I can being and how to kick my rear into using those supplies!  I've tried starting with some challenges, only that I don't have the motivations right now. 🙁

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  1. hey Jen. I think you need to purge some of the non-ctmh stuff…ebay, yard sale, etc. Then you can buy lots more new stuff when it comes out next month! Great great great blog, btw!

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