It’s time for Tuesday’s Tip!!

Features and benefits of Window Charms:

  • 2 sheets with sizes ranging from 2″ to 3/4″ squares
  • Total of 44 pieces
  • Highlight certain places in your artwork
  • Totally clear so you can see the image under the charm
  • Flexible so they are easy to cut

Tips and ideas for using Window Charms:

1.   Back it with B&T paper (cut B&T paper to exact size, attach window charm to paper, adhere combo to the project).
2.   Back it as above and cut it into several random pieces, like sea glass.
3.   Use it to highlight an item on a scrapbook layout.
4.   Use it to highlight an image, letter or word on a card.
5.   Use it like kitchen or bathroom tiles-back it with different types of paper and attach side by side.
6.   Frame with wire once in place on art.
7.   Create a button by making holes with a piercing tool.
8.   Use your micro-tip scissors to cut the charm down to size.

9.  Sometimes during packaging and shipping the 2 sheets get stuck together. Keep this in mind when you receive your Window Charms or when your customers receive their Window Charms.

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