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This lightweight foam is perfect for sculpting and stamping and adds a new dimension to your pages. Sculpting Foam can be dyed with re-inker, stamped wet or dry, and comes in a resealable air-tight jar.

Tips for Using Sculpting Foam: 
  • When using a new container of Sculpting Foam, work the foam around in your hands to remove air bubbles. If the foam is sticky or difficult to work with, spread it into a thin layer and allow it to sit exposed to the air for five to 10 minutes or until the desired consistency is reached.
  • Sculpting Foam has a soft, foam-like feel that is very easy to work with and rolls out nicely using a rolling pin or any long, round object.
  • Stamp an un-inked image into your Sculpting Foam-the impressions hold their shape very well. Painting over the stamped image with a waterbrush and re-inker will give it a more dimensional look.
  • When stamping with ink on moist Sculpting Foam, use caution as the ink may bleed slightly.
  • A stamped image applied to dry Sculpting Foam may require 1-2 minutes to air dry.
  • You can dye your Sculpting Foam a different color using re-inker. Once dry, the color may change slightly. (Caution: Only add a couple of drops of re-inker at a time, as too much ink will cause the clay to become sticky)
  • Sculpting Foam may change shape slightly as it dries.
  • Cutting Sculpting Foam with scissors is not recommended if the clay is extremely moist. Once it is worked and becomes drier, scissors or a cutting knife can be used.
  • Heat embossing will not speed up the drying process. Sculpting Foam will bubble in a way similar to Liquid Appliqué.
  • Drying time varies, depending on the thickness and moisture of the Sculpting Foam and the climate.
  • If the Sculpting Foam becomes too dry but is still pliable, try re-wetting it with a small amount of water or re-inker.

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  1. Thank you for this! I have some sculpting foam but haven't used it 'cause I wasn't sure how to use it. Thanks so much for sharing!

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