Knock off of Ashley’s Family Frame

Earlier this week, I went shopping with one of my sister in law, Tanya,  in getting some things for the living room as my husband and I finally purchased our FIRST brand new couch.  We are also in process of getting new paint and floor done in the next 6 weeks.  I wanted to get some new decor for the living room.

We had purchased a sectional couch and I wanted to get a couple of pillows for it.  So Tanya and I went on an all day shopping spree.  It was sooo much fun!!!   One of the store we decided to check was Ashley’s Furniture store.  I had never been in one of their store so it was something I was curious to check out.   After walking through half of the store, I had spotted this family frame and fell in love.  However, I was in for a sticker shock when I checked on the price!!  They wanted $50 bucks for this frame.   After recovering from the price; I quickly looked at Tanya and said are they NUTS!?  She was like I’m pretty positive you can even make something similar for at least half of the price!!  So we finished up going through the store and Michael’s was just down the street from Ashley and I was able to find pretty much everything I needed to make similar to this for only $30 bucks!  SCORE!!!!  All I really need was the frames, the family letter and the board.  I had a black spray paint at home that I could use to cover the family letter as it was white.









Here is my knock off of their frame.  It took me maybe 20 minutes to get it all aligned up and used hot glue to assemble this!

image (1)

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