New Hostess Club Forming

Hello there!! The current Hostess club is ending its run in June.  I’m taking sign-up’s for the new hostess club that will begin in July.  How it works?

Club will have minimum of 5 members, but can have more than that.  For example: 5 members means 5 months commitment to the Club.  10 members means 10 months of commitments to the Club. So forth.

Your minimum would be $30 a month (before tax/shipping). This is based on 5 members Club.  The higher the numbers of Members, the lower the minimum will be.

Orders can be taken in person or online (preferably). Your orders will need to be in by certain date on each month.  That will be announced once all spots have been filled.

Everyone will get a turn at being hostess each month and be able to earn FREE PRODUCTS from CTMH.  How cool is that??!!  You can even host a workshop when it’s your month to boost your chance for MORE free stuff!!   You can view the hostess benefit chart {HERE}.  All of the current Club Members took advantage of this and was able to boost their free hostess rewards!!

You can use this as a Girl’s Night Out!  I can do club/workshop at your place, my place or a public place. Whatever works for you!

You can find me via Facebook or contact me through email.  My contact information can be found {HERE} on the top.

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