New Studio Reveal!!!

We started tearing the Studio apart on June 23rd.  There was two section of walls that had plaster on it. (the house was built in 1928)  Well, it was crumbling off the wall and was getting into my boxes and tools. It was VERY annoying. I finally told Jeff that enough was enough, LOL!   So here are we!   We chose to leave the ceiling (which exposes the floor joists) alone since we don’t know if we needed to access to the wires or plumbing.  Although, we are planning to have drop ceilings installed in a few years. Just want to play it safe for now.  The color is very deep rustic brown so I chose to work that into my color scheme. All of the paints we used are from Valsapar. I will never use anything else, but Valspar. My mom suggested Valsapar when we were remodeling our previous house.  I  chose to have one wall in this {COLOR} and the other three walls in this {COLOR}.  I also decided to add in this {COLOR} and white into the mixture to give different look down here. The floors are sealed with {Epoxy Shield garage paint}.  We used 1 kit of 1 car garage kit and 1 of 2 1/2 car garage kit and that covered 950 sq ft.  Not bad! Roughly $170 for both kits.  We had used this at our previous house in the basement and we were very pleased with the results. We didn’t want to put down carpet in here for a couple of years just yet.  Although, I do have several good size rugs that I can use for the time being.  We added several plug outlets and replaced 3 of the light fixtures. We are very pleased with out everything turned out. We could had built walls to enclose certain spaces, but I liked how open it was. So it was decided that we would just leave it all open.Also, I got a lot of the ideas from different boards, pinterest and SCS. THANK YOU to all who shared their ideas/suggestions.Now without further note, here’s the {PHOTOS} of the new Studio!!!

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