November’s Kit of the Month Club: Olivia

November’s Kit of the Month Club will be using the Olivia WOTG kit!
** The WOTG kit is ((NEW)) products from 
Autumn/Winter 2010 catalog!**

You will create 4 pages layouts with the kit, THEN the left overs will be used to create a My Creations Memory Box!!  The deadline to place this order with payments in my HAND by the November 5th!!

Email me your orders as I am placing the orders in one big order, to save the shipping cost for the local customers! Click { here } to download the order form and email it as an attachment to me. 

For out of state customers – you can place the order via the shopping cart and have them shipped to you!!


  1. Aaron – Thanks! I got it and Thanks SO much!!

  2. I just sent an email with directions. If you don't get it, email me at and I will reply with the attachment.

  3. I got your message about insturctions for this project. I will try to do one this week. Thanks for watching.

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