Ok, going on a small hiatus

It’s time! I’m going on a small hiatus. Hopefully it’ll just be a month. We are disassembling the craft room today and tackling the walls/floor.   Still haven’t determined what color to paint the wall. I’m just going to worry about getting the drylok paint on first.   The floor joists are deep rustic brown looking. (house built in 1928) so I’m thinking of just leaving it as it is and paint MAYBE warm orange tone (??) and the floor med tan.

Like I said, I haven’t determined what color yet… Still wrangling with that!!   I LOVE earth tone colors, but it does gets gloomy down here when there’s not enough light so that’ something else I have to take in consideration. Although, we need to replace 3-4 light fixtures. I think that will help greatly.

Okay – OFF to start working!!  Before photos are in the fan page photo section.  Click {HERE} for the photos.   Will post after when we are done!! 

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