One Little Word for 2014

I was getting caught up on some blog reading.  I came across Ali Edward’s blog.  She was talking about finding your “One Little Word” for 2014.   As I was reading the post,  out of no where the word “Balance” comes to me.   It is so fitting for 2014.  Our lives recently went through some huge changes.   We lost my husband’s parents within 2 months of each other, result of a motorcycle vs automobile accident.   Balance is what I need as we are learning to go on with our lives without them.  They were a huge part of our children’s life.  We also are taking over helping take care of husband’s elderly grandmother; which mom was doing prior to the accident.  I will learn how to “balance” everything for our family, our children’s sports, my business, taking care of grandma, finding time for Jeff and me and myself.   I know I can do it; I just need to find that “balance” to make sure everything’s good.

So here’s to “balance” for 2014’s One Little Word.

Until then…..

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