Our First OWH Card Making Party!!

Here’s our FIRST OWH – Operation Write Home Card Making Party!!  October 3rd @ 2 pm to 6 pm!

We will be doing it at my house so if you need the address – please email me jensstudio@myctmh.com.   I will need to limit this to 6 spots due to small spaces.

How this will work: We will meet once a month – a fixed day will be determined by you all!  –  You have 2 options: you can purchase your supplies ahead of time or bring your own supplies to make cards then donate them to OWH.

Last of all  – if you have homemade cards that you would like to donate – you can swing by and drop them off. If that is not possible – you can drop them in the mail to me and I will include yours.  Also, please post your name and email contact on the back of the cards.  One request – please please include envelopes for them! They are in needs of those too!!

I will be mailing them a box full of cards within 2 days after the events. So there is time to get them all to me before the 3rd, please!

Now there are some guidelines that are set up for their safety so we will need to make sure we are following it.  Especially GLITTER – that is a HUGE no no!!  Click { here } for the link that explains why.

Right now, they are in need of Christmas Cards and it is due in OWH’s location by October 30th.

You can visit  { OWH’s web-site }

Please see the { post } to see of what they are in need of

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