Perseverance – 2015 One Little Word


Perseverance is my 2015 One Little Word. I’ve had this feeling for the last few weeks that I needed to find a word that describe my one little word for the last 4 years (determination, change, focus and balance – in the order since 2011). The last 15 months has been traumatic for my family. My husband lost both of his parents within 2 months of each other from a horrific motorcycle accident (9/15/13) caused by a drunk driver who was also high at the time of the accident. 2014 was Balance and I’m still working on that as we also help take care of my husband’s 90 years old grandmother. I chose perseverance because I’m determined to keep my family together and get my family through this, am expecting more changes in 2015, focusing on myself so I don’t lose myself in the process and balancing everything. I reached out to my friends because somehow I had a feeling that I was supposed to combine the “one little word” from the last 4 years.   I struggled on finding a word that more or less was able to combine all 4 words.  SO I posted on facebook and asked for advice.  Several people gave a word based on the 4 words.  Someone posted “perseverance” and the feeling I got was that I needed to check into the meaning of that word.  When I read the meaning and that’s when I KNEW it was the one.  So I have my one little word for 2015!

The meaning of perseverance is steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. If you have been following me the last 15 months with our personal lives you would understand why I chose to use perseverance.  I had struggled with the focus and balance the last 15 months. Despite all of that; I’m still standing here and still plowing through the best I can.  I know 2015 will continue to test me.  This word will apply in every aspect of my life – personally and business wise.

What is your One Little Word for 2015?

If you’re not familiar with One Little Word by Ali Edwards. I suggest you check her out!  You can find OLW by going {here}.

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