Why I scrapbook?

It is my hobby.. my outlet for my creativity thoughts.. it is also very therapeutic.

Most of all, I want our children to have several albums where they can look back and read the stories for those pictures. How often do you come across pictures and there are no notes to why the pictures was taken – espeically when it’s a special event. I want them to have their pictures with both of their parents doing things with them.   I have several close people that have lost loved ones only to have pictures of them.  The pictures become priceless even more.

There are always a story to every picture no matter how small or big the details are. As time goes by, little details are forgotten. Those are the most valuable assest to the pictures. Scrapbook albums can be passed generation to generation. They will look back and notice the difference in each generation.

Those memories deserve to be scrapbooked. When I get older and my mind starts to fail me, I would want to have scrapbook album to be able to reflect on my life with my husband and children. I have come across several pictures when I was a young girl and I have no idea what the story behind the pictures are.

Now, you have my “why” to reasons why I scrapbook. What is yours?

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