Seem to be a bad timing

to do the 100 cards in 100 days.  We just decided yesterday to go ahead and tackle the basement which is where the craft room is since we are done with the yard work. The heat is picking up so we are not wanting to do anymore works outside until the heat break so that means until the end of the summer.

We are going to put up dry-lok paint, get the floor sealed and get one wall sealed with fast plug (it leaks a little bit).  So it has me re-thinking of the challenge.  I think it might be better for me to move it down to the September 1st and work my way while the kids are in school. MMM… Decisions, Decisions and Decisions. LOL  If I move it from now to September 1st and it’ll end December 9th.

It will take roughly 6 to 8 weeks to work on the basement since I have to move everything out of the basement and get the walls primed for the painting.  we are also going to paint the floor joints/rafters since it’s deep brown and that’s NASTY for me. I am wanting to do antique white type of paint. The basement should be back together mid- august and that will give me roughly 2 weeks to build up stash for the challenges then I can go from there..

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