Showcase Sunday

My apologizes for this being super late!!  No excuse for me, I know. I attended the all day crop at DCC/RTR in St. Louis on Saturday and didn’t get home until 4 am.  Needless to say, I was too tired to get into the Studio to finish the projects.  Let’s head right into today’s projects for Showcase Sunday!


DeafCrafters is BACK!  We had to take a break from the last run as I was dealing with the whole situation with my in-law’s accident and their deaths.  Now that it’s coming back and it’s my week to do the projects for DeafCrafters this week.

I think this time; I am going to showcase our BRAND NEW LINE of “Picture My Life” that CTMH recently unveiled in this recent Spring | Summer 2014 catalog!  It’s ADORABLE!  If you are familar with Project Life by Becky Higgins. It is the exactly same thing except it’s 100% CTMH products! I am SO excited about this even though I am very late on getting onto the wagon about getting my 2014 going!  However, today is just perfect timing to do it!!   Now, without further jabbering; let’s get started!! 

I haven’t decided on how I wanted to do the very first Weekly with dates.  That’s why there’s a sticky post where it is. Please don’t mind that. 😀

I am actually using all mixtures of our Picture My Life products – you can view all of it by going {HERE}.  Right now, I am using this page protector, Design 4.  It comes in pack of 10, for $9.95


There you have it!!  Thank you for visiting Deaf Crafters!! Looking forward to showing you tomorrow’s project – Monday as in Card Sketch!

Until then!


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