Splart Party

Hey there!! it’s been a long time since I’ve really posted anything crafty.  Life threw me for curve last year and I’m still struggling to find that again.  Am just going along the flow and hoping that it’ll come back eventually.    I had seen someone doing “Splart Party” and thought it looked really cool!   I got invited to 3 of them, but couldn’t make it due to previous commitment so I mentioned to one of my close friend, Missy that it’d be cool to do that for my birthday.  On top of that, it’d be something TOTALLY different than what we all are used to doing.  As you know the rest, Missy contacted them and got a party set up for the 18th.

Let me tell you – it was SOO MUCH FUN!!!  It was everyone in that room that hadn’t done this before so it was all of our first time and it was BLAST!  We are already planning another one in the spring time!! We all will vote on what type of picture to do.  I had chose the owl one as we are getting ready to paint and re-do our kitchen theme. I thought the owl painting would go great in kitchen.

So here are a few pictures!!

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