Still here! :)

I’m still here!!  Still working on the basement in the studio area. Hubby has started installing the plug outlets. We have 3 left to do, then shelves will go up. He did start working on it last night, but unfortunately his allergies kicked in so bad that he couldn’t do anymore.  (I had dusted the floor joists earlier in the day and it hadn’t settled down by the time he was ready to install the plugs – oops.)  Hopefully Friday or Saturday that I will be able to move things back over to the studio, then it’s the rest of the stuff in the basement so we can finish out the other half (not a whole lot to do though!)  I figured another week.  Maybe a week and half.  Thankfully the walls on the other half isn’t bad as where the studio walls were.   It just need new coat of drylok paint then paint then the floors needs to be sealed. That’s it.   It’s getting there!! :DOn the other hand, I’m hearing news from the CTMH Convention 2012 in Dallas, Texas!! WHOOO!!  Those news are being posted to {facebook}.

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