Storages for Foam Tools and Re-inkers

I was having hard time finding something that will work for me for the foam tools and the re-inkers – They were just sitting in baskets. I was at Michael’s a few weeks ago picking up some things and spotted the new cubes that Michael is now carrying.   Here’s a link for their photo – { click here }.  I had gotten two of the half shelf/half drawer cubes.  It works GREAT!!  It even came with dividers!!  I had gotten the idea of putting 1/4″ circle of each color of the cardstocks and glued it on top of the re-inkers from one of our consultants. If that was you – please let me know so I can properly credit you.   Same concept went for the foam tools, but with 3/4″ circle cardstocks.  This works MUCH better and more tidier this way.

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  1. Becky – I'm glad that will help you! I can not take the credit for this. I forgot whom I got the ideas, but it was one of our CTMH consultant that did for her re-inkers and I applied that to the foam tools too. It is a LIFESAVER!

  2. Hi, Jenifer! I found your blog on the CTMH consultant art board and have really enjoyed reading it…I'm now a follower! BRILLIANT idea to label the end of the sponge handles with a coordinating piece of cardstock! Mine are tossed into a bowl, so I am definitely going to lift this genius idea!!

  3. Steph – That is correct – for each color.

  4. So you have a foam tool for each color?

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