Surprise Birthday Party by DCC Croppers


Saturday night was our monthly crop night at the Deaf Community Center (RTR/DCC).  I was culeless to what was going to happen that evening.   When we placed our dinner – we had all voted to have pizza so I voluteered to go with Patti who is the head in charge of the DCC Crop Night.    This is where everything sprung in action while Patti and I left to pick up the pizzas.   The girls decorated the center very quickly with streamers and balloon.    Now, this is where I will need to back up and explain a little bit.  You see, they all had been planning for roughly a year to have t-shirts created for the group relating to Jen’s Messy Studio.   They finally got it into action in August and they had planned on presenting it to me at the September Crop Night, however I had a death in the family so I was unable to attend the crop night. So the party got postponed to October, only to be postponed again because one of the girls got sick with a very bad cold.  Needless to say, it got postponed again to this month.   Funny thing is that I had emailed the girls, but one because this one had a birthday on the 30th so I offered to get cupcakes.  Again, not knowing anything about the surprise party, LOL!

Sooo when we returned from getting the pizza.  I walked in and as we entered the area where the tables are.  I noticed that EVERYONE was gone.  I was very confused and actually cursed.   Something on the sideline caught my attention so I turned to look at to what it was.  There was everyone standing with the exact same shirt!  It took me a few minutes to register everything.  Talk about a huge shock and surprise!!  It actually took me a few minutes to register with everything!!  It really threw me off my game.    I have to say that was the BEST surprise!!!  I totally LOVE the t-shirts!!!   Once everything settled down, they were explaining things that they were trying SO hard to keep it from me early spring.  They almost gave me hints here and there and I didn’t really pay attention.  Which surprised me because I’m pretty precerptive of what’s going on around here.    Once they explained those things and everything just came back flooding and I’d comment about it.  They were like YES that’s what it was!! I’m like OH MY!!!! I was like how I could not see that!!  Which totally surprised me, but like someone said that I had been overwhelmed with everything that had been happening with our family since the accident/deaths of my parents in law.

So without further notice – here are the pictures!![easymedia-fotorama med=”6511″]

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