The Basement Studio (warning: lot of pictures)

Since we moved into this new house in July, I took over the basement for the studio. The walls needs to be painted with drylok. It’s pretty big and it gives me alot of room to wiggle.  Like I said, it isn’t perfect or anything, but it is VERY do-able!  However, it does get chilly down here! LOL! So I have the oil radiation heater and it helps a bit. If it wasn’t running – it’s roughly 55 to 60 degree in here, but once I get it going and it get up to around 67 to 69 and it’s just enough for me to work a couple of hours down here. We do have a small vent that helps. We have a cellar door right off the steps and it’s very drafty so that plays a huge role right now.  So that’s on the agenda in the spring to be fixed along with the drylock painting.  We did change out 3 of the light fixtures and still have 3 more to change out, but we’re in no hurry at this point.   The black rugs are covering an OLD tiles – that will be removed in the spring when we do the painting. We would like to add drop ceiling to the ceiling (which would help with insulating the basement), since we would need access to the wires/plumbing just in case!  I have no plans on putting up walls or anything. I really like how open it is.  We have the washer/dryer, freezer, food pantry cabinets and the tool shelf down here and  it’s still a lot of wiggle room.  I can fit at least 12 people including myself comfortable down here for a crop night.  So be warned – the walls aren’t pretty!! The paints are flaking off so it looks like it is regular paint. Yuck.

I’m standing in between the freezer and the computer area.  This is the diecut and embossing table.

This is the storage where I store all the punchers, catalogs, Chipboards, old catalogs from SU and CTMH.  On top of it has the knick knacks that the boys made when they were little, along with the Power sort boxes from CM (LOVE those!).

This is the computer/printer/VP area. Nothing fancy 🙂  Don’t mind the background. That’s the laundry area and the tool shelf area.

This cubes are on the other side of the diecut/embossing table.  It houses all the stamps from SU and TAC.  Along with too many things. 🙂

This is just partially of the tables. I do have 2 extra tables, but they’re away in the storage.

Standing on the other side of the basement – As you can see, it’s pretty long and plenty of room.

This is where I usually do my creative times.

Our rottweiler dog, Metzger – He always has to come down here when I’m down here, even if Jeff’s home. It’s irony because we had gotten Metzger for Jeff after the death of Bubba, our previous rottweiler. Metzger pretty much follows me more than he does with Jeff, while Roxie, our mini daschund is supposed to be for me, but she always goes with Jeff.

Stamps, Altered supplies and knick knacks storage


  1. I am so impressed with your organization and wow to have all that space! You can have over tons of people! Wish I could come play with you!

  2. Oh my! What a space! I like the way you organized your things and find myself wishing I had a space as big as that. Impressive! 🙂

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