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This blog has not exactly been active the last 1 1/2 year. There are several reasons, but most of you have known that our family has been dealing with great loss of my husband’s parents from a horrific motorcycle accident in September 2013.  It has been a struggle for me and I’m still hopeful that 2015 will be better than last year for the creativity aspect.

Just few weeks ago I did some changes with some of the organization around here and that has made a huge difference in several things. There are some area that still needs to be done, but that’s minor anyway.  Now, earlier this week, I decided I wanted to paint 2 colors into the studio which is totally opposite of my personality!!  It’s bold and pretty! I am excited about it.   On top of that, my husband will be adding several more plugs and 2 more light fixtures around the studio to help improve the lighting in here.  There will be some minor changes in the layout, but I think it will look awesome!  I am looking forward to that.  Hoping that it will inspire the creativity bug in me and get back in gear.

Until then,

Have a great evening!

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