Tip 01: Seasoning your acrylix stamps!

Here’s a tip on how to season your acrylix stamps!!

Pink eraser!! 🙂

I run the pink eraser lightly over the stamp set and I have a small dishrag that I leave on the table and I pat the stamp after I run the eraser then I use the cleanser spritz and scrub *LIGHTLY!* on the scrubber.   This will help lessening the beads of inks on your new acrylix stamps!!   I do this for all of the NEW stamp sets.   Once you season them, it’ll be easier to ink them up without having the ink beading up on the stamp set, thus giving you more crisp looking image!

Hope that helps!!                      


  1. OMG I canot wait to try this! TFS!

  2. Thank you so much for this info. Will definitely use it!

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