Today would had been perfect to….

start scrapbooking and work on bunch of projects; AND I’m anxious to do SOMETHING! LOL

Unfortunately my stuff still haven’t arrived! They are scheduled to be delivered MONDAY!  The kids got early dismissal at 11 am yesterday due to the ice storm then they had the school canceled for today last night at 7:30 pm.   It’s going to be FUN day! I have no clue what we are going to be doing. It’s pretty nasty out there!

I definitely had an angel or two watching over me yesterday when I was out running errands trying to get everything done before it hit. It happened so fast!!  I was turning on a street that I needed to turn off to go to the in-law’s real quick (was done with my errands) and dad had been trying to call me.(He kept calling my cell phone so I stopped by there on my way home and he said I was trying to call to let you know that the school called here because they’re dismissing the kids at 11 am and it was like 10:35 am when I stopped by! And I was like what!?  The drive that is normally 4 minutes from his house to the school turned into 20 minute drive!) Anyway; when I made that turn; the van slid because the road wasn’t treated yet. I let it go because I knew I was going to hit the small curb ( that area I hit was all grass field so I knew I was ok)  and the van stopped so I started to go and soon as I did; I saw a white car coming in the opposite direction of me and I got back on track and was going. SOON as that car passed me, it SPUN OUT!  BARELY missing the end of my van!  I looked up and saw the whole thing happened and I remember saying Oh god please. After she spinned; she landed where I was sitting when I slid!! I’m sooo thankful that I got out of that area because it would had probably been bad she was spinning pretty fast

(*I’m deaf and I use Sidekick 2 — but Dad hasn’t mastered the idea that he can EMAIL me at my pager! LOL!! Go Figure. LOL*)

Soo I definitely had someone watching over me yesterday — soon as I got all 3 boys from school we went straight home and stayed in!

Last I heard we’re supposed to get up to half inch of ice then maybe 3 inches of snow on top of it; but who knows! the weather changes all the time.  This winter is sure very active  because ever since we moved back from NM; we rarely got snow that much but this year it has been the most active and that’s almost 12 years. So it’s getting pretty old quick and I’m ready for spring! LOL! 🙂


  1. How scary- I am glad that you are Okay!

  2. Keep warm girl…sorry I have been so long in visiting you…love your layout with your baby 🙂

  3. My gosh, Jen! I'm so glad you had a near miss and not a direct hit! We have ice today. The freezing rain started when I was about 5 miles from home. Thank goodness I got home before it got bad. My daughter just got home from work and said our road is bad. I hate ice and I'm betting you do too!!

  4. Glad you are OK! I hope you get your stmap stuff soon!

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