Products Spotlight: Exclusive™ Inkpads


Are you aware that we offer 42 full sized inkpads??  We have 40 dye-based and 2 pigment-based.

AND We also do have 40 mini- inkpads! They’re cute 2 x 2 stamp cubes! They come in a set of 12. We have 4 family color which are Whimsy, Adventure, Enhancement and Basics.   They are in the pigment format.

There are also re-inkers for all of the dye-based colors (40). We have pigment-based re-inkers for only 2 colors which is White and Colonial White.

What’s the difference between dye-based and pigment-based?

*Dye-based: it has soft look and absorbs directly to the paper and fabric.  They dry quickly and blends in easily.
*Pigment-based: they settle on the top of the paper and takes a while to dry.  This is also perfect for scrapbook pages. Also is best to use while wet embossing techniques.


Dye-based inkpads are $6.95
Dye-based reinkers are $5.95

Pigment-based inkpads are $8.50 (only in 2 colors: White and Colonial White)
Pigment-based reinkers are $6.50 (only in 2 colors: White and Colonial White)

*mini pigment inkpad set (set of 12) are $19.95

Here’s the {direct link} for the exclusive inkpads.

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