Unavailable List as of 7/13/15

The Unavailable List provides a comprehensive record of all items that are out of stock and permanently unavailable.

1010 Extender Posts 1″ 6/23/2015
4476 Archival Black Reinker 6/29/2015
G1087 Workshops on the Go Brushed Scrapbooking Kit 7/1/2015
X7187B Yuletide Paper Pack 7/8/2015
X7187C Yuletide Complements 6/30/2015
X7188C Snowhaven Complements 6/23/2015
Z1296 Distressing Inks 6/10/2015
Z1342 Dark Chocolate Faux Leather Album 3/16/2015
Z1346 12″ X 12″ Outdoor Denim My Legacy Faux Leather Album 6/23/2015
Z1473 White Daisy Die-Cut Cards 6/10/2015
Z1708 Sparkles Flourishes 6/29/2015
Z1812 Clear Sparkles 6/25/2015
Z1823 My Creations Clear Treat Tubes 6/16/2015
Z1888 My Crush Memories Assortment 7/1/2015
Z1942 Picture My Life Avonlea 6/8/2015
Z1943 Babycakes Picture My Life 7/6/2015
Z1973 Base & Bling Storyteller Style Sheet 6/23/2015
Z2000 My Crush In the Pink Book 6/24/2015
Z2002 Topiary Washi Tape 6/8/2015
Z2042 My Crush In the Pink Assortment 6/15/2015
Z3032 Rolling Tote (Temporarily Unavailable) 5/8/2015
Z3053 Alacarte Avonlea Picture My Life 7/8/2015
Z3054 Alacarte Babycakes Picture My Life 7/6/2015
Z3068 Picture My Life Jackson Scrapbooking Program 7/1/2015
Z4131 Exclusive Inks Organizer 2/10/2015
Z4132 Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad Tower 2/10/2015

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