I wanted to give everyone a head up.  I may or may not be posting much on the blog or the craft facebook page much in this upcoming week. I’m not sure on how I will be feeling after tomorrow.  Some of my posts are already pre-scheduled for the week as they were prepped the last few weeks.

Here’s why – in about 30 hours; We will *FINALLY* have justice for Mom and Dad (Gary & Lora Wright). Please keep sending prayers, positive thoughts or vibes our way that everything goes the way we hope for and the strength to get through tomorrow. It has been almost 3 years in the making, as next month is the 3 years anniversary.

As some of you may remember that that my parents in law were on their motorcycle, on the way home when they were hit by a drunk driver on September 15, 2013.  Our case was postponed SO MANY time.  Now the day is almost here.

Here’s a post that I wrote a year after the accident. Click {HERE}.

Until then..


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