Update on Back-order/Unavailable for 7/3/14

Here is the updated list as of 7/3/14.

BULK304 Babycakes B&T Duos Bulk Pack 6/20/2014
BULK323 Ivy Lane B&T Duos Bulk Pack 7/2/2014
BULK327 Timberline B&T Duos Bulk Pack 7/2/2014
CK141 New Consultant Kit – US 7/2/2014
CK141AZ New Consultant Kit – AU/NZ 7/2/2014
CK141C New Consultant Kit – Canada 7/2/2014
WC10141 2014 Spring/Summer Idea Book – 10 Pack 5/14/2014
WC1141 2014 Spring/Summer Idea Book – Single Copy 5/14/2014
X1404 True Fit Folios 6/30/2014
X5640 Blush 12×12 Cardstock 6/30/2014
X7172B ProPlayer Paper Packet 6/25/2014
X7172C ProPlayer My Stickease Assortment 6/23/2014
X7173B Babycakes Paper Packet 6/30/2014
X7173C Babycakes Complements Canvas Shapes 6/13/2014
X7182C Timberline My Stickease® Assortment 6/30/2014
Z1343 My Legacy Faux Leather Album – Dark Cranberry 5/9/2014
Z1344 My Legacy Faux Leather Album – Hollyhock 6/16/2014
Z1345 My Legacy Faux Leather Album – Black 6/12/2014
Z1348 My Legacy Work In Progress Album 4/22/2014
Z1911 Designed Décor Frame Kit 6/27/2014
Z1980 My Legacy D-Ring Album – Cocoa Damask 6/5/2014
Z1981 My Legacy D-Ring Album – Slate Circles 6/5/2014
Z1982 My Legacy Post-Bound Album – Cocoa Damask 6/5/2014
Z1983 My Legacy Post-Bound Album – Slate Circles 6/5/2014
Z2009 Red Enamel Hearts (Temporarily Unavailable) 7/2/2014
Z2028 Designer Creations Short Stack Album (Temporarily Unavailable) 7/2/2014
Z2029 Designer Creations Mini Frames (Temporarily Unavailable) 7/2/2014
Z2057 Cut Above Holiday Treat Bag Kit (Temporarily Unavailable) 7/2/2014
Z2058 Cut Above Halloween Treat Bag Kit (Temporarily Unavailable) 7/2/2014
Z2061 Cut Above Happy Birthday Card Kit (Temporarily Unavailable) 7/2/2014
Z2062 Holiday Happenings Assortment (Temporarily Unavailable) 7/2/2014
Z2063 Cut Above Thank You Card Kit (Temporarily Unavailable) 7/2/2014
Z2064 Cut Above Christmas Card Kit (Temporarily Unavailable) 7/2/2014
Z2065 Cut Above Holiday Card Kit (Temporarily Unavailable) 7/2/2014
Z2106 Blush Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad 7/2/2014
Z2110 Buttercup Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad 7/2/2014
Z2167 Crème Brulee Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad 7/2/2014
Z2194 Sky Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad 7/2/2014
Z2206 Blush Exclusive Inks Re-Inker 6/26/2014
Z2210 Buttercup Exclusive Inks Re-Inker 7/2/2014
Z2260 Twilight Exclusive Inks Re-Inker 6/20/2014
Z2267 Creme Brulee Exclusive Inks Re-Inker 6/24/2014
Z2410 Gypsy Exclusive Inks Marker Set 6/23/2014
Z2415 Honey Exclusive Inks Marker Set 7/2/2014
Z2418 Hollyhock Exclusive Inks Marker Set 6/16/2014
Z3017 Cricut Artfully Sent Collection (Temporarily Unavailable) 7/2/2014

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