Hello there! I am so excited about some things that are in the work right now.

  • The first one is a secret right now. 🙂 It is a work in progress right now.  I am hoping within 1-2 weeks that I’d be able to share that new.    
  • The second one is I will be posting an open club each month to run from first to the last day of the month. On the last day of the month; whoever has placed an order with the open club gets their name put in a bowl.  Long as the gathering’s total is over $150 –  whosoever name gets chosen; you will receive the hostess reward benefits!
  • The third and final one is newsletter that will be sent from ME. This one is more personalized and I will be adding different things to it. I’m always open for feedback and suggestions relating to the newsletter. It’ll be for YOU!  Please leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to see in the monthly newsletter.  It will be sent monthly.  However, there may be 1-3 emails from me a month if there’s a breaking news or last minute promotions. I will have newsletter sign up button on the blog soon.  (For the time being; please email jensmessystudionewsletter @ gmail.com (remove the spaces please – I did that to prevent spam)  and put in SUBSCRIBE in the subject line)

Thank you for all of your patience, understanding and support!!

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