WHOOOO!!! NEW studio room!!

We painted new colors and got some shelves up! I’m so excited!!  It took my boys, my husband and me 1 1/2 hour to clear out the studio room!!  Talk about 5 years worth of things! OMG! it was crazy!! LOL  It took roughly about 3 1/2 hour to paint the room with the time between to dry.   My husband helped out!  I totally LOVE this color!! The bottom is called Chocolate Curl and the top is called Alpine Valley. Both are by Olympic Paints at Lowe’s  The shelves; they were bought at Lowe’s about 4 years ago and I had them originally in my old scrapbook room, but since we had to switch to put the dining table in the old scrapbook room due to the fact that we were now family of 5 and there wasn’t enough room in the original dining room (where the studio is now).   Never got around to put those shelves back up until recently where I was starting to want them.


  1. Love your room!!!!

  2. WOW! Looks like a great place to play in!
    Happy 2008!

  3. Oh I love your studio… I hope that I can have one to look this cool one day…

  4. beautiful room. looks like you have some wonderful natural light to work with. great space!

  5. Nice craft room! Love the color you painted it! Have loads of fun getting creative in there!

  6. Your room looks fantastic – I wish all my stuff was as organized! And that color looks like such fun.

  7. Oh what fun-I'd have a very hard time ever leaving that room!

  8. You lucky girl. This is way nice. I need to do some organizing and shelves and stuff in my room. Someday. Enjoy your new space.

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