Wood Frame

I found this wood frame at Walmart about a year ago and had been holding on to it for a while!  I came across this decal from Uppercase Living!  I got lucky with a friend who had it on hand! So, I was able to buy it from her. I LOVE IT!  This will go in the kitchen.

*** Edited:  I will be including the link for that decal when I get it from her. I had originally thought it was retired, but she has contacted me and informed me that it is NOT retired!  Sorry for the wrong information.

I used 2 coats of Red Apple Candy paint from Apple Barrel. Once this was cured after 24 hours, I added the decal onto the wood frame.  I will be adding matte mod podge to protect the decal and the wood frame.


  1. Jessica Estermann

    Nice!!!!! I should dig something in my garage and see if I could upcycle it!!!

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