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Some of you may be confused as to why I’m posting different subjects to the blog. I have shifted to combine various things such as Crafts & Life. I’m also still doing Chalk Couture and Planner so you definitely will see Chalk Couture under the Chalk Couture category while all other crafts will go under the Craft category. Life will have different topics such as life, recipes, family, and experiences. It’s easier to have them

Infamous White Chili Recipe

This recipe is popular among our family and friends. We get requests a-lot during the cool weather for this. My mom and MaDi was the one that started this tradition and we’ve continued this. Now; it’s among one of the top favorite recipes. We usually double the batch and have enough for 2-3 days of leftovers, but we always had a big gathering when we do this soup. I am so ready for the cooler


Hello! Just wanted to drop a line in here and let you know that I am still alive; just have been pretty busy! I did put in some order recently to get some more transfers to do more FB lives & vidoes in the next few weeks! I am excited to share you with the new surfaces and transfers! You may notice some difference on this blog; I have seperated my Chalk Couture blog and