February is here! New Stuff!

Oh my goodness!! Now we’re beginning the second month of the new year in the new decade!

Chalk Couture has updated their Starter Kit for those who want to do business or hobbyist! Check out this fab starter kit that will help you hit the ground running! Want more info on about joining Chalk Couture? Click {HERE}

Calling all Club Couture Members!

We do have a special for the Club Couture Members. For those who signed up for the exclusive Monthly Club Couture; this is for YOU! You will get a great opportunity to stock up on pastes at a discounted price. Through February, you can save 20% on full-size paste (3 US fl. oz. jars). Remember; you will need to be already member of the Club Couture in order to take advantage of this discount! Want to join the Exclusive Monthly Club Couture? Join [HERE}! it is 19.99 each month and you would get exclusive B size transfer that will not be available anywhere else except the Club Couture along with 3 paste packets! Also you do have option of getting the ONE TIME offer of kickstart option which will give you several tools plus a 9 x 12 frame to use with your Monthly Transfers for $69.99! Here’s the info! All colors are eligible and there are no maximums or minimums required.

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