Hello! Just wanted to drop a line in here and let you know that I am still alive; just have been pretty busy! I did put in some order recently to get some more transfers to do more FB lives & vidoes in the next few weeks! I am excited to share you with the new surfaces and transfers!

You may notice some difference on this blog; I have seperated my Chalk Couture blog and Craft blog also the facebook pages along with instagram. I wanted to make sure I was in compliance of Chalk Couture’s policy. I’d love to have you follow me on the other social medias too. I will include the links below for all of them. For those who are already subscribed to this blog; don’t fear – I have already copied your contacts to the other blog’s subscription so you will still get both blogs subscription.

Chalk Couture Social:


www.facebook.com/jensmessystudio – facebook page

www.instagram.com/jensmessystudio – instagram

www.youtube.com/jensmessystudio – youtube

Craft Social:

www.jensmessystudio.com/crafts – facebook page

www.instagram.com/jensmessystudioDC – instagram

I don’t have youtube for the craft page; but I don’t think I will do for the time being; but if there’s going to be any video; it will be added to the blog and facebook.

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