Watts of Love

Chalk Couture™ is VERY VERY excited to partner up with a 503(c) non-profit organzation called Watts of Love, that is very dedicated to bring lights—literally—to the parts of the world that need it most. Those parts of the world are in the areas of the world that face extreme poverty. In these areas, most homes are lit by dangerous kerosene lamps that often cause burns, asthma, or other breathing ailments. The list goes on!! According to statistic, there are more than 1 billion people live without electricity, so when the sun goes down, the work day and study day just STOPS!!! WOL is able to turn dark to light— by using innovative, affordable, renewable solar lighting which will help the family remove the need for kerosene fuel and also can increase a family’s income by 30%! Amazing how a small solar lamp can make the difference for a family’s income! To learn more about this extraordinary organization, visit wattsoflove.org.

What is Watts of Love?

WoL provides the solar technology and the educations to those who are living in the poverty.

What are we doing to help WOL?
So for the year of 2019-2020 event year, Chalk Couture has committed to donating funds for 1,500 solar lights, each at a cost of $50 USD. That’s $75,000 USD we can raise together to impact 1,500
families in need. There are several different programs to support fund-raising efforts to raise the monies for this WoL. I’d LOVE for you guys to help us with this program that is dear to our heart.

Our special Watts of Love TransferWe always have an original Transfer designed for Watts
of Love (usually on the back cover of the catalog). This B-sized Transfer generates a $2 with every purchases!

The “round-up” contribution option—You can choose to round up your order to the nearest dollar and the donation goes straight to WOL! You can do that via your order when you check out!

Our monthly Instagram art auction—Each month we auction off fresh, professional artwork
created by our art team at Chalk Central. The bidding starts at $50 on Instagram (Why $50?
That buys one light!). Be sure to check this out!!!

Day of Light Chalkathon—A daylong chalkathon and virtual party on social media (or in live
events, too!). We go live all day on May 16!!! Our goal is to raise enough money in one day for 500 ($25,000 USD) lights to those in need. HOW AWESOME IS THIS??

To make any amount of donations; you can head over to this {LINK}. My goal to meet by May 31, 2020; is to have $500.00 in WoL donation and that will help provide TEN solar lamps! Can you help me with this, please? Many THANKS! 💖

Thank you for leaving some loves!