FAQ about joining Chalk couture

Interested in being a part of the Messy Chalker Team!

This starter kit is good until 1/31/2020

Here is the FAQ page about joining Chalk Couture family.

How much is the consultant kit?

The consultant kit is called “Starter Kit” and it is only $99 (before tax/shipping). For the USA, click {HERE}. For CANADA; there are two different kits for you. One is $19, which has just business supplies and the other one is $129, which has the business supplies AND the products! You can see those kits at this LINK.

How much do I need to sell?

What are the minimum? As a Designer, you will need to sell/and/or purchase $150 every quarter. This is also the same minimum for Canada. It is pretty easy as Chalk Couture is SO POPULAR right now! The quarters runs Jan – Mar, Apr – Jun, Jul – Sep and Oct – Dec. It’s so easy that you can do $75 in Month 1 and another $75 in Month 2 and that will give you $150 (before tax/shipping). OR $150 at ONE TIME at anytime during Month 1,2 and 3! You would need to meet $150 before the last day in Month 3 to be active for the following quarter. EASY PEASY!


What is my discount and/or commission? You are already getting 40% discount on the products! WOWEE!! When you sign up; you will get a ONE TIME 15% coupon; and it also will count for your minimum! When your customer orders through your Chalk Site; you will get 25% commission and that will be paid the FOLLOWING month on the 15th.

Designer Dollars

you will earn $20 design dollar (product credit) for EVERY $200 you sell/order in a month. For example: if you sell $600; you’ll get $60 in DD (Designer Dollars). It is awesome to use toward your product orders! It is AMAZING!! It will be posted to your account the FOLLOWING month on the 15th.

Also, if you sell over $2,000 in a month; you would get a savvy seller bonus and earn $200 in CASH bonus on the top of the Designer Dollars that you’d earn!

Designer Debut

It will begin the month you signed up plus an extra month to meet Level 1 which is $600, then you’d get $60 in DD. Level 2 is the 2nd month after you sign up and hit $800 then you’d get $80 in DD. Level 3 is the 3rd month after you sign up and hit $1000 then you’d get $100 in DD. If you hit all level 3 before the end of the month three; or anytime you hit $2400; you’d get $240 in DD! AWESOME!!!!

Monthly Fee

There is a monthly fee of $19.99 which covers your website, your chalk store app and your monthly Club Couture transfer which is by the way; exclusive!

If you’re not interested in becoming a “seller”, but you can still be hobbyist for yourself! You’d still have the $19.99 monthly fee to get the transfer, chalk store app and your website. Also, would still have the $150 minimum to meet each quarter.

Ready to sign up?

It is SO easy to sign up!!! All you have to do is just hop over to www.chalkcouture.com/jensmessystudio.com and click on JOIN. It only takes a few minutes for the application to be submitted and you will be ready for your awesome business! Please make sure the sponsor ID shows: jensmessystudio. If you’re already a customer of mine; you will just need to log into your account then click on “join”.

Have more question? Feel free to email me or message me on Facebook.